JuliAnne Forrest

It all started when I was little, Mom encouraged us to keep a diary and write each day.  I found writing cathartic, frustrating and fun depending on what I was trying to get on paper.  I laughed when I heard John C. Maxwell speak this past year and he talked about the number of books he had written. He said he is always asked, “How do you do it?”  His answer was simple, “You pick up a pen and a piece of paper and start writing.”  So I’m taking his advice and sharing my love of the mountains, life, travel and food with those who are interested.

I grew up on a beautiful farm in Guttenberg, Iowa, on the banks of the Mississippi river.  While the rural life was not for me in the long-run, it taught me so much that I only came to appreciate later in life.  Having criss-crossed the country several times, living in Des Moines, Seattle, Washington, D.C. and Jackson Hole, each place has all provided me with incredible personal and professional experiences.  But my love of the mountains brought me home to Jackson Hole, a place that has held my heart since my youth.

My professional career in public relations and marketing is something I love.  I always enjoy it when Iowa State University’s alumni office calls and some young student asking for money is stunned when they find out I am actually using my degree.

I am blessed to live in this amazing place with my family, and to know there are options in life – you make the decision to be happy, no one else.




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